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Transportation and Travel

Your Buddy will drive you wherever you might need, anything from daily errands, to medical appointments, to movies! (Within a radius of 12 miles)

Great Companion

Buddies can help around the house with light cleaning and cooking. They can also just hang around, play some board games, or have a relaxing conversation.

Shop with Buddy

Need help with groceries or shopping at the mall? Buddies can take you to and from the market, help you find what you need, and carry your goods or produce.

Be a tech-savy with Buddy

Buddies are ready to teach you how to use a computers and mobile devices, get connected with social media and tune in for video chats with your family.

About Us

CaringAide is an on-demand, non-medical home care service for people who require assistance in day-to-day activities. CaringAide carefully screens and trains professional home Buddies, who are then matched with clients based on their needs. Our matching process seeks to ensure the highest standard of care.Our team consists of information technology specialists, medical professionals, and support supervisors who continuously monitor our Buddies to ensure that our clients receive the fantastic care they deserve.We offer a range of services, including transportation, house needs, technology education, and general companionship.Employing our service is quite simple! You can use our CaringAide app, website, or by simply calling us. Get connected with a Buddy who meets all your requirements immediately!

Why a Buddy?

Everyone has felt lonely or isolated at some point in time; Both science and life experience have shown us that companionship and social support is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing.
Additionally, having a companion to help you with chores, mobility, errands and more is important for our seniors to maintain their independence and livelihoods. A little help can go a long way!

Request a Buddy

Use the Buddy app, web site, or a call to request service from buddy. We will have a discussion about how the Buddy can help you in need.

Buddy Visit

Be a good companion to Buddy. They will be your favorite grandchildren and they will make your day.


Our services are on-demand and covered by a range of services.

Transportation:  All our Buddies have their own vehicles with which they take clients to doctor's appointments, family dinners, shopping, and other social events or errands. (Within a radius of 12 miles) Our Buddies stay with our clients throughout these trips until the client chooses to end the service or the time predetermined by the client.
Tech :  Our Buddies provide technology tutorials and assistance to the clients that express such interests in learning about computer devices and social media. Mobile devices and the internet have brought family and friends just a click or two away. Our Buddies are ready to train clients on mobile and computer apps, social media usage, online video chats with loved ones, and just learning something new like a novel cooking recipe.
House Needs:  Our Buddies are screened and trained to address any of our client's non-medical house needs, changing lights, heating/ rewarming meals, assisting with eating, and mobility. Even a little help can go a long way to help our seniors feel more relaxed and stress free, while still respecting their independence and self-sufficiency.
All our services starts at $24.99 / hr.

Our Benefits

Our mission at CaringAide is to improve quality of life for our senior clients to live out their best golden years. We strive to provide the highest quality of care for our clients to allow them to live safe, satisfied, and independent lives.

Careful Buddy Screening

Our Buddies undergo rigorous interviews, reference checks, criminal background checks, license verifications, and training, as necessary. We understand the importance of keeping our seniors safe and happy, so we screen our Buddies with the highest standards for social skills, honesty, kindness, work ethic, and reliability. Most Buddies have several years of previous experience in providing Home Care assistance and are looking to take their personal involvements to the next level with CaringAide's range of services.

Matching Clients to Buddies

Our caregivers are expertly matched to each of our clients with consideration to our client's requirement and Buddies' availability and skillsets. Our goal is to find the perfect fit for a happy partnership, and maybe even friendship, between our clients and Buddies.

Highly Responsive

Our Care Team is available from 7 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week. Clients, friends and family of clients, and Buddies can request our services using our application. We strive to maintain the highest levels of transparency and responsiveness to answer any questions that pop up, quickly address concerns as they arise, and solve hiccups in coordination or communication between clients and Buddies.

Trusted Partners

We comply with all laws and regulations that govern our industry and our service area. Our client references and third-party satisfaction surveys highlight our clients' positive experiences when using CaringAide services.

Visibility and Accountability

Documenting client information is essential to ensuring high quality care. With consistent audits and quality checks, we make sure clients are always receiving the highest caliber of care from the most compassionate caregivers in the industry. We ensure that our Buddies provide detailed documentation of the services they offer, so that we have visibility into our client's requirements. This information is reviewed by a supervisor to ensure proper and thorough documentation, which can be shared with our users as requested.

CaringAide home

Our Covid'19 Care

As COVID-19 continues to grow and impact our daily lives- we, at CaringAide are committed to the health and well-being of our buddies, our clients, and communities around us.

We follow all the guidance provided by the World Health Organization, CDC, and state and local authorities when we provide our services. We ensure that our buddies follow the below-mentioned guidelines when they interact with our clients.


  • All our buddies are always required to wear a face mask and gloves when they are with the clients.

  • All our buddies are required to follow proper sanitization protocols after they offer each service.

  • All our buddies are required to do a daily temperature check screening before they start their first service.

  • We request all our buddies to be under self-quarantine and not login to our app if they have travelled out of state.

Contact us

  • 19254 Mill Site Place, Leesburg, VA 20176

  • 571-500-2433


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Close CaringAide is taking the appropriate steps to protect the safety of both our clients and buddies. Regular temperature check-up are done for buddy before each service. Click here to read our Covid-19 care
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